Twitter MENFA - A small organisation that can make a big difference to your life !  


MENFA can help - we will listen to you, support you, and value what you have to say.

Are you drifting and need someone to guide you?

Are problems at home, school, or work leaving you feeling low?

Perhaps you're being bullied or discriminated against?

Or maybe your wishes and opinions are being ignored?

Maybe you are experiencing problems in education or employment, and want to help yourself?

We can offer you mentoring support - someone who will to listen to you, help you clarify what's stopping you from reaching your goals, and support and motivate you towards achieving them.

You can contact us, either by email, or at our offices, or by calling us on (029) 2048 7058. We want to help, so contact us and together we will work out the best way forward.


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1a Maria St, Butetown, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF10 5HG . Tel: 029 2048 7058