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“I have gained valuable attributes through my time spent volunteering at MENFA. Where I was part of the MENFA team, aiming to provide constant one-to-one support for young people, I was privileged to be involved in enabling them to gain the necessary skills and confidence in order to develop and improve academically.

“Volunteering at MENFA has opened the door to many new experiences and skills, and has given me the chance to discover something different that I enjoy doing. I had the opportunity to meet people from different background and meet new friends. I have also grown in confidence, self belief, improved my communication skills, and have a lifetime of stories to tell.

“I would definitely recommend volunteering, it is a great opportunity to meet new people, be independent and get and insight into different aspects of life.”

Eshmael Palmer

“I have greatly enjoyed volunteering at MENFA. Since then, I have gone on to study Medicine at Queen Mary University, London.”

John Thomas







“MENFA has been a very good experience and an inspiration. I have been coming to MY Club from the age of 10 to 14, as I was struggling and needing extra help with Maths. I attended on a weekly basis, and was greatly encouraged by the helpers there. I developed my skills and increased my knowledge through the work that was done. I was looked after very well, and quality time was spent on all of those who attended. This helped me to achieve higher grades.

“As I grew up I began working as a volunteer in the play scheme, and I eventually decided to become a qualified worker. MENFA’s connections with Barry College meant that I was able to gain the qualifications that would enable me to work at MENFA’s play scheme.

“MENFA has also provided courses such as Millennium Volunteers, which I was part of. I enjoyed becoming a mentor, helping other people, and mentoring them with social and educational problems, and so on. This was very interesting, and I would like to continue to the next level of the course.”

Danielle Padmore 

“I started volunteering at Menfa in 2003, aged 15 at My Club on a Saturday morning. I enjoyed helping children with their homework and improving their English and mathematical skills. Menfa also runs a summer playscheme for children aged 4-12 very year. I started working as a playworker in the playscheme because I enjoyed being actively involved in helping and organising play activities for children and watching them develop socially and creatively. I also trained to be a mentor at Menfa and then worked at a local further education college for the academic year 2006-2007, mentoring their students.

“I am currently studying Pharmacy at Cardiff University. I continue to work as a playworker every summer at Menfa.”

Natasha Thaladi

“I became a volunteer in MENFA’s play scheme when I was fourteen. As I aspired to work with children, I found this a valuable experience in helping me make this career decision. MENFA has given me many opportunities to achieve educationally. I took the Level 2 course in Play Work last year, so I am now qualified to work with children.

“MENFA have laid the foundations for a great future. All of the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years have given me an advantage over my peers in many areas of my life. Thanks to MENFA my future looks very bright!”

Georgeanna Palmer

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