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MENFA stands for Mentoring For All.

MENFA was established to support the advancement in the education of young people through advice, counselling and mentoring in schools and colleges, and within the local community.

We offer mentoring support - someone who will to listen to you, help you clarify what's stopping you from reaching your goals, and support and motivate you towards achieving them.

MENFA aims to encourage the emotional and academic development of those who feel socially disadvantaged, and empower them to reach their full potential in today's society.

Our Mission Statement

MENFA exists to provide a service that caters for the whole person. We aim to raise standards, confidence and self esteem among young people, create opportunities and choice for young adults, helping them to discover and develop their talents thus enabling them to realise their full potential and to have a more positive place in society (excellence).


Founded by Madge Thomas in 1984, MENFA is a Cardiff based charity which aims to provide mentoring for those that desire it. MENFA, be it in a different form, has existed for over twenty seven years through the various schemes it operates. The oldest of these is Play Scheme (now known as Child's Play).

Play Scheme was the inspiration of Madge Thomas after she noticed that a large number of local youngsters had nothing to do and nowhere to go during the summer holidays. Play Scheme provided at least two weeks of enjoyable activities for the children in a safe environment.

MENFA evolved from this in an attempt to provide support for local young people, who appeared to lack motivation and were falling into a predictable pattern of inactivity in school, which invariably led to an all to familiar lifecycle of economic inactivity. In 1997 the mentoring project was set up. Its objective was to support the advancement of the education of young people and empower them to reach their full potential.

Just as Child's Play paved the way for the mentoring scheme, the mentoring in turn gave birth to MENFA's Youngsters Club (MY Club). This runs during school term time and provides academic support to children of school age. We provide help and tuition with Maths, English and Science, but essentially we offer a non-judgmental atmosphere where young people can gain academic as well as emotional support.

As a result of our success with mentoring and positively developing young people, it became clear that parents could also benefit from such support. With financial backing from the ESF, we were able to introduce SEWOCN (South East Wales Open College Network) accredited courses in both Positive Parenting (Level 2) and Mentoring (Levels 2 and 3).

To help us in our continued growth we welcome volunteers who wish to gain valuable experience within a community based charity, such as MENFA, and feel they have the capacity to guide others in their decision making process. We also welcome anyone who feels they would benefit from any of the above courses.

For further information, contact Marthea Blankson or Madge Thomas on (029) 2048 7058, or email


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